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Easton Bloodline Shaft (12pcs) View larger

Easton Shaft Bloodline (12pcs)

New product

Easton Bloodline is a lightweight, high-velocity carbon shaft for big game hunters who are looking to get even more penetrative power from their bows while retaining on point accuracy.

The perfect arrow for big game hunters looking for game-stopping penetration and extra velocity out of their bow. BloodLine’s lightweight, high-velocity carbon paired with a low-profile H diameter provides a deadly combination of flatter trajectory and higher kinetic energy density, for improved speed and penetration.

Key Features

  • Pre-installed red H Nocks and ST inserts included
  • Guaranteed straightness: ±.003"
  • High-strength, carbon nanotube N-FUSED fibers
Shaft WeightSpine @ 28" SpanStock LengthRPS Point
GPIDeflection in InchesInches

We cut shafts to length with no additional fees.

Please provide your requested shaft length measured as follows: from the bottom of the nock groove to the end of the shaft.

Price € 69.11

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