Carbon Shafts


Victory Shaft VAP Sport Target (12pcs)

New product

Small diamter shaft from Victory Archery Product.

Made of thick-walled, high modulus carbon that ensures tight group sizes and high durability of the shaft.

Due to its small diamater, shafts are wind-resistand, and more accurate over longer ranges.

Nano-Ceramic ICE coating improves penetration and makes arrow removal even easier than before.

Price per 12 shafts.

Technical specifications:

Diameter: Small Diameter
Straightness Tolerance: ±0.006
Weight Tolerance:±0.005
Available Spines:400-1200
Uncut Length (approx):30.5"
Included Components:Bohning F Nocks
Designed for: All levels of Indoor and Outdoor Target Shooting

We cut shafts to length with no additional fees.

Please provide your requested shaft length measured as follows: from the bottom of the nock groove to the end of the shaft.

Price € 100.00

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