Fletched Arrows

Fletched Arrows

A fan of archery? You like history and reconstructions, or maybe willing to go from amateur to professional level in sports archery? For shooting there's one thing you will always need - fine arrows. And since archery is all about hitting the target, the arrows should be - and they can be of course - supportive in achieving that - let's say - aim. Fletched arrows are widely known - and when an image of bow, archery and arrows comes to one's mind, the arrows in the imagery are probably fletched as it's the standard, as well as in the prevailing majority of historical and fantasy depictions, the projectiles simply look like that. So what is this, an apparently so obvious thing, that it's often overlooked? What's hiding in the plain sight, evading the eyes of probably a great marksman of at least an apprentice, training her or his way through to become one one day?
Fletching arrows is adding the famous feathers or other types of material to the end of a shaft of an arrow, right before the place where nocks are put, and where a fletched projectile is mounted on the string, prior to be released and shot. It's for adding aerodynamic stabilization, hence adding accuracy, making the fletched arrow more stable in the air and resistant to wind blows that would otherwise easily sway the arrow and make it miss the target.

Fletched arrows for archery funs

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