Recurve Bows

Recurve Bows

Recurve bow is one the basic types of bows in general.. More and more people decide to purchase such as a training bow, allowing one to learn how to shoot and do it well. Such bows are used for many types of archery shooting. We’d like to invite you to look at recurve bows in our online shop.

Recurve bows make one of the first stages in the history of evolution of this weapon. The name comes from special shape the bow has - at first glance it differs drastically from traditional shape of longbows. The maidan, being the middle part, which is held with one hand during the shooting, is bent inwards, towards the marksman. The tips limbs are also bent in the direction from the bowman - thus the name “recurve”. This type of construction was devised to make the bow be able to put more energy into the arrow and let it fly faster in comparison to a traditional bow.

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Material for recurve bows is classically wood or aluminum. The limbs can also be made of fiberglass and carbon fiber. The bow itself can be supplemented with additional accessories to enhance shooting experience: an arrow stand, as well as a viewfinder, as well as stabilizers or vibration damper. Sometimes the constructional elements can be also put apart, separately, which makes them easier to transport. Currently during the Olympic games the only bows used are recurve ones.
Recurve bows online offered by us are of the highest of quality. The type of equipment we offer is perfect for professionals looking for gear, as well as for beginners looking for their opportunity to learn to shoot like a pro - for instance like an Olympic contestant. Starting learning from this kind of bow makes it possible for beginners to learn all the skills you will possibly need.

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